Character Creation

When making your PC’s please follow the following rules.

Please make sure your concept fits with the campaign themes. At least one character should have an interest in each of the following: the occult, history, fighting (there will be combat), politics. The game takes place in Transylvania and involves building a keep. It is important that your character both know their sire and have a good relationship with them (or at least be willing to do whatever their sire says).

Beast – Acceptance of the beast and cultivation of instinct
Humanity – Continued loyalty to the virtue of living
Heaven – Submission to heaven’s will despite personal damnation
Kings – Disciplined pursuit of excellence & power

Nature & Demeanor
Look it up, way too much shit for me to type out.

You may pick from any the clans/bloodlines

High Clans
Brujah – Angry Warrior Scholars
Cappadocian – Cold Scholars of death.
Lasombra – Rich decadent manipulators
Toreador – Consummate social predators
Tzimisce – Inhuman lords of the forest and mountain, Fleshcrafter, Lord of the Keep, Sorcerer
Ventrue – Kings, queens and rulers.

Low Clans
Assamite – Stewards and judges of Caine’s brood, Warrior, Vizier, or Wizard
Gangrel – Wild, sometimes feral outsiders and wanderers
Malkavian – Insane visionaries and oracles
Nosferatu – Twisted, ugly lurker
Salubri – Gentle Healers or Holy Warriors, hunted to extinction

Attributes & Skills

Disciplines – 4 dots
Backgrounds – 7 dots, Generation starts at 12
Virtues – 7 dots
Freebies – 21

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